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Sales market analysis for each projects

From 1 to 5 items

49,99 €/by 1 item

From 5 to 10 items

24,99 €/by 1 item

From 10 to 50 items

14,99 €/by 1 item

From 50 items

9,99 €/by 1 item


Customs clearance and distribution of goods in free trade.

99,99 €/by 1 HS code + VAT + excise duty / tax (% depends on the specific group of products)


Professional translation of the content and product cards for the marketplace.

Translation – 0,01 €/by 1 character

Fastep fulfillment center services.


from 0,15 € 1 m3 / day

Assembly and delivery

from 3,09 € / 1 SKU

Return processing

from 0,89 € / 1 SKU

Product placement on the Fastep Marketplace

Technical support

Call Center Services

3 % of the total value of the product on the Fastep Marketplace

6% for all other marketplaces

*Marketplace fees are charged separately


With our help you reduce costs on:

Warehouse maintenance

Purchase of packing equipment

Consumables and maintenance supplies

Wages for warehouse employees

Fleet Maintenance

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